Sony Z-Finder For FS7, FS7 II and FX9

  • Artnr: ZAC21-1013

Beskrivning av artikel

The Zacuto Sony Z-Finder is specifically designed to suit the shape and size of the monitor included with the Sony FX9, Sony FS7 and Sony FS7 II. The  Z-Finder comes with a flip up frame designed to clamp onto the Sony FS7, FS7 II, or FX9 LCD. The Zacuto Z-Finder Pro will pop on and off the frame for quick shooting. The red lever at the bottom of the frame allows you to quickly flip the Z-Finder up without removing it from the frame. It can be flipped open to 140 degrees. If a producer/client/director etc. wants to see into the viewfinder, you can flip it open instead of having to adjust so they can get their eye to the loupe. You can also pop off the Z-Finder and use the Sony LCD as a monitor.

Z-Finder loupe with 2x magnification and diopter wheel
Two (2) Extender Frames
F7/FX9 flip up mounting frame
Lens Cap, Sun Mask, and protective boot
Z-Finder Dust Cover
One installed and one additional Anti-Fog disc. This also acts as a lens protector and is expendable.